From the recording Wake up and Fly

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Written by: Kurt Gundersen
Produced by Kenny Schick of Basement3 Productions.
Lead Vocals: Kurt Gundersen
Back-Up Vocals: Kenny Schick
Rhythm / Acoustic Guitar: Kurt Gundersen
All other instruments: Kenny Schick


Utter Chaotic Rootlessness
-Kurt Gundersen © 2019

Pulling weeds out of the ground
Turning everything upside down
Pouring another glass of wine
Thinking I've got endless limitless time.

I can't take my eyes off the screen
It's full of lies, borderline obscene
Occupying my mind more than the ones I love
I'm so far away, can't even join my own club.

Utter chaotic rootlessness
Would it have to be so bad
Lost in a cozy comfort zone
Might be a little bit more mad
Shaking things up and rattling cages
What could ever be more fun
Utter chaotic rootlessness
If only I had the strength not to run.

And for the millionth time you've had the same thought
About unworthiness and everything you are not
In a strange comforting way it really keeps you down
While you keep all windows closed and never head out of town


And tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes
The sun will rise but will I feel its glow?
And it's radical to really slow it down
To hear the gliding hawk as it makes no sound.