From the recording Wake up and Fly

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Written by: Kurt Gundersen
Produced by Kenny Schick of Basement3 Productions.
Lead Vocals: Kurt Gundersen
Back-Up Vocals: Kenny Schick
Rhythm / Lead: Kurt Gundersen
Lead Guitar and all other instruments: Kenny Schick


A Good Day For Loving You (If It Ends in Y)
Kurt Gundersen © 2019

If it ends in Y
It’s a good day for loving you
If it ends in Y
It’s a good day for loving you all night

From out of this world
You came straight into my heart
From that very moment
We’ve never been apart

You really liked to talk
I liked listening all the while
And the way you laugh
Really made me smile
For the first time
In a long long while

Repeat Chorus

From the time that we met
You helped me stay on the ground
Never getting too far up
Never falling too far down

Now a decade has gone by
And for many decades more
I want you to be the one
Comes dancing through my door
So much limitless love
To explore

Repeat chorus