1. As of Today

From the recording Wake up and Fly

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Written by: Kurt Gundersen
Produced by Kenny Schick of Basement3 Productions.
Lead Vocals: Kurt Gundersen
Back-Up Vocals: Kenny Schick, Sabine Heusler-Schick
Acoustic / Rhythm Guitar: Kurt Gundersen
All other instruments: Kenny Schick


As of Today
-Kurt Gundersen © 2018

Divided hearts and crowded minds are wandering the streets
The kitchen is no place to unwind and I can’t stand the heat
Tattered robes of liberty still flutter in the wind
As I look out across the bay I still hear her angels sing

As of today I can't believe the news
As of today I’m wondering what to do
How can we carry through
With so much madness in the air
Love overcomes despair

Hear the talking heads opine from comfy TV studios
Laughing out in hearty growls like this is some kind of a joke
We keep lending our ears to a privileged few with nothing to lose
Whose skin is no longer in the game as they glide along in their comfy snooze


Now I’m gonna hit the streets to clear my cloudy head
Hear distant voices crying out to renounce the fearful dread
Harmonies of freedom’s ring can be a dissonant chime
But voices of love trump those of hatred every single time.