1. Pray for Rain

From the recording Wake up and Fly

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Written by: Kurt Gundersen
Produced by Kenny Schick of Basement3 Productions.
Lead Vocals: Kurt Gundersen
Back-Up Vocals: Kenny Schick
Rhythm Guitar: Kurt Gundersen
All other instruments: Kenny Schick


Pray For Rain
-Kurt Gundersen © 2019

I'm digging my hands
Deep into the dirt
I'm digging up plans
I'm digging up hurt

I'm digging my feet
Deep into the ground
72 inches deep
But there’s no savior to be found

Digging up seeds of love
And I’m digging up seeds of pain
Trying to sow the former
While for the latter I pray for rain
Pray for rain
Pray for rain
Pray for rain

I’m dipping my hands
Deep down in the stream
I’m living in foreign lands
But only in my dreams

The water is so cold
But I am building up speed
Mist rising above the water
As I deconstruct this creed


And the further I go in
deeper and deeper down
I’m learning about some things
I can’t wrap my mind around
I’m kicking up clouds of dust
The further I go in
I need to feel a gust
of this crazy sacred wind . . .

I’m digging up my heart
From deep down in the bottomless pit
I’m puzzled by the pieces
That never seem to wanna fit

I'm looking all around
For a savior to set me free
But the only place to look
Is already deep inside of me.