From the recording Wake up and Fly

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Written by: Kurt Gundersen
Produced by Kenny Schick of Basement3 Productions.
Lead Vocals: Kurt Gundersen
Back-Up Vocals: Kenny Schick
Rhythm Guitar: Kurt Gundersen
All other instruments: Kenny Schick


The Endless Wow
-Kurt Gundersen © 2019

I was born, it’s hard to believe
This precious life, so hard to achieve
So hard to grasp and easy to lose
What we appreciate is for us to choose

Now I’m here just riding along
I’m working hard and I’m singing my song
Don’t change a thing don’t mess up my plans
Don’t ever want things to get out of hand

Floating on the ocean, somehow I’ve risen to the top
Flying high above the Earth, trying to avoid becoming a flop
Hanging on too tightly is how everything will drop . . .

Everyone I meet, everything I touch
Can’t take it for granted, thinking it doesn’t mean much
I must try to be strong, gentle, loving and kind
I must open my heart and open my mind

Wandering through this life it becomes so easy to forget
Taking it for granted that someday all my goals will be met
Riding high on this wave now, it's becoming clearer why its water is wet

And no matter what, everything ends
And begins again and again and again
If I could only stay in the right here and now
Getting in touch with the endless wow
Getting in touch with the endless wow
Getting in touch with the endless wow